Balai sa Baibai



We welcome you to our slice of paradise on Camiguin, one that we are happy to share with you.

Balai sa Baibai is a Bisayan phrase that literally means “house by the beach” it also plays on the Thai term “sabai-sabai” which means to relax and chill out. Put together Balai sa Baibai means your relaxing home by the sea, a place to rest, and recover from your busy lives. And this is exactly what we the owners, Cocoy and Elden and our team want you to do – sit back, relax, enjoy Camiguin and let Balai sa Baibai take care of you.

Be inspired by Camiguin and what it has to offer - watch the videos below!

(and play spot Balai sa Baibai, the owners and their friends).