The Dive Center

The Dive Center

Welcome to the Philippines, one of the most diverse diving destinations on the blue planet. The diversity of nature extends not only over waterfalls, volcanoes, jungles and rivers but also continues underwater with breathtaking beauty.
Camiguin, as an “island made of fire”, offers a combination of intact coral reefs, steep slopes of volcanic rock and rock formations that provide habitat for vibrant biodiversity.
Macro lovers and photographers get their money’s worth, and can marvel at rare species in almost every dive.
Coraya Divers Camiguin offers a variety of dive sites and excursions for beginners, experienced divers and snorkelers all around the island by boat or minibus.
From Balai sa Baibai Resort you go directly with local outigger boats to the nearby dive spots. The sites on the other side of the island can be easily dived from the beach after a short drive.
The highlights of the island like “White Island”, “Old Vulcano” and “Sunken Cemetery” are only 10-20 minutes boat ride away from the resort and are visited several times a week.
Our day trips to the “Mantique Island Nature Park” include a rich beach picnic and are not only a must for every diver but also an unforgettable experience for snorkelers.
Coraya Divers Camiguin, in cooperation with Black Beach Divers and the Balai sa Baibai, offers an all-round service. Check-in can be done conveniently through the resort’s front desk, while dive equipment is brought to the nearby equipment room.
Boat trips start and end right on the resort’s wide black sand beach. Fresh towels, cold drinks and snacks are provided to each diver between dives.
The experienced guides and instructors teach multilingual and know the island with all its secrets and exciting places under and above water.
The family character of the diving center is supported by the small size of the diving groups and the selection of the diving sites. It is very rare to have to share a dive site with another boat.
After diving, the Sunset Bar of Balai sa Baibai invites you to end the exciting day with a refreshing cocktail.

The Dive Sites

White Island

White Island

The sandbank White Island is located directly in front of the Balai sa Baibai Resort and adorns the breathtaking sunset, which can be admired daily from the Sunset Bar. But White Island is not only worth a visit above water, from which you have a perfect view of Camiguin and its highest volcano Hibok Hibok.

As soon as the water surface has been broken after a short boat ride, White Island offers a view of a black coral garden, which provides a home for many different fish and crab species at a depth of 6-25m.

Mantigue Island

Mantigue Island

Located in the southeast of Camiguin, the island is reminiscent of the Maldives and offers the finest white sand with the best backdrop for calendar-ready vacation photos.

After a 20 minute car ride from Balai sa Baibai, we cross over by boat and explore two different dive sites.

Sand roads studded with large boulders merge into a steep slope covered with hard and soft corals. A local school of barracuda and the many turtles are constant companions. The perfect dive site for large schools of fish.


Sunken Cemetary

During the eruption of Old Vulcano, Camiguin’s cemetery sank into the sea in 1871. Meanwhile, a gigantic white cross on an artificially raised island commemorates the event.

Underwater you can see the cooled lava rock that formed a new reef and is characterized by many overhangs and large boulders. Probably the most colorful dive site in Camiguin is characterized by intake hard and soft corals growing at a depth of 5-30m. Octopods hide in the numerous small caves, nudibranchs decorate the coral blocks and scorpion fish alternate with frogfish.

Sunken Cemetery delights both snorkelers and divers of all levels of experience and training.

Old Vulcano

The dive site located directly in front of the volcano is characterized by the long steep wall, which is dived as a one-way dive. Centuries old cooled lava and large rock formations can be found at every depth.

The colorful soft corals are surrounded by razor clams and often mackerels move along in the blue water. Macro lovers also get their money’s worth here and can admire shrimp and frogfish species.

The 20 minute boat ride to and from the dive site offers a wonderful view of Camiguin’s coastline and its varied beauty.