Explore Camiguin

Water, fire, air and earth are the epitome of the dream island Camiguin. The four elements play a very important role here. Fire has given the island its shape. Water exists in form of wonderful waterfalls and countless springs.

Air can be breathed in very well by standing on the numerous viewpoints and the earth is so fertile that the flora is simply impressive.

In the middle of this breath-taking nature there are ancient ruins, colourful churches and smiling people. Camiguin has something to offer for everyone. For the adventurous, the quiet seeking, the water rats, the adrenaline junkies, the culture lovers, and for those who want to experience a bit of everything.

Our excursions cover just about everything you need to see on Camiguin.

If you want to work out and sweat then these tours are just right for you

Camiguin offers a great variety of snorkeling opportunities. Camiguin is famous for the sandbank White Islan.